COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS. Here's what we're doing to stay safe.

Covid-19 and our Front Line Healthcare Workers

Our Canadian healthcare professionals are on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. What exactly this battle will look like for Ontario or Canada is still unknown. The whole country is standing behind our healthcare workers during the time of this Covid-19 pandemic. But what can you do and what will the impact of this Covid-19 pandemic be on our country and our valuable front-line health-care professionals?

What Exactly Is Covid-19, the Novel Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that originate in animals but are known to cause respiratory illness in humans. For more information on the Covid-19 Coronavirus, visit the Government of Canada’s website for the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Coronavirus attack in a microscopic view.


What Can I Do to Support Frontline Healthcare Workers?

Stay Home 

We have heard it many times in the past couple weeks, tied to the trending #stayhome. Staying home truly is the best way you can help frontline healthcare workers. By staying home you are eliminating potential risk and supporting your country during a global crisis. Working from home, ordering your groceries online, practicing social distancing and self-isolation could all help flatten the Covid-19 curve in Canada.

If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, contact your public health authority. 

Mom helping kids paint during covid-19 pandemic
Families are finding fun and creative ways to stay entertained during Covid-19 pandemic.


There are a variety of ways you can donate during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Donate protective equipment to a local drive near you. 
  • Send non-perishable food, hygiene supplies or donate money to food banks and shelters.
  • Donate blood. Right now blood donations are lower than normal and blood donations are so important, especially at a time like this. 


Do What You Can To Be Your Healthiest

Take care of yourself by making sure you are getting the rest, nutrients, and hydration your body needs. Washing your hands, self-isolating, and practicing social distancing all ensure you avoid any illness. 


“Taking care of yourself is the most essential thing you can do in order to care for others”

A lady preparing healthy food in the kitchen.
Doing what we can be active at home and eating healthy could make a difference.

Childcare for Front Line Healthcare Workers

When Ontario declared a state of emergency, schools closed and childcare centers shut down. This forced healthcare professionals to scramble to find childcare while they are working. To alleviate this, Ontario is now talking about letting some childcare centres reopen to help front-line workers. These centres will be located near hospitals and have strict measures ensuring the children do not have the virus themselves. Additionally, these measures will protect the childcare workers. 


Impact of Covid-19 on Front Line Healthcare Workers 

Sadly, death can be a part of being a frontline healthcare worker, at this time. The number of deaths in China and Italy is more than what most workers anticipate to see in their careers. Healthcare workers especially face a number of particular stresses, including the risk of getting sick and overworked. Canada as a country is coming together to support our front line workers in every way we can. We will come out of this stronger, together.

Nurse smiling in a hospital
Nurses all over the world are preparing to take care of their country.

Not Enough Protective Equipment for Front Line Healthcare Workers?

At this time especially, protective equipment is incredibly important in the role of a healthcare worker. Canada is anticipating entire hospitals full of patients infected with Covid-19 if social distancing is not properly followed. There are concerns that there will not be enough protective equipment to protect workers while on the job.

A Country Supporting Canadian Frontline Healthcare Workers with Protective Equipment

All over Canada, personal protective equipment (PPE) drives have been set up to collect unopened equipment for frontline healthcare workers. Unopened PPE like vented goggles, protective gloves, face guards, N-95 masks and gowns are the most needed. 

The Government of Canada has asked for innovative ideas, PPE donations and help from Canadians.  Small businesses, colleges, universities, large corporations and individuals are doing what they can to fight the protective equipment shortage. Georgian College here in Barrie, Ontario has sent all of their masks, gowns and gloves to hospitals and long term care facilities. The college’s Research and Innovation team has also started making protective face shields for healthcare workers. So far they have made over 600 face shields with more to come. 

If you have an innovative idea, donation or would like to get involved, visit the Ontario Together website to get started.

Recognizing with Gratitude 

In these extraordinary times, frontline healthcare workers need our gratitude and support. Do what you can to make a frontline healthcare worker feel appreciated and supported in your community. Thank all frontline workers; first responders, grocery store workers, transit workers, cleaners and those who transport and deliver the things we need. Say thank you when you see them and send them a smile. Without them, we wouldn’t have the support, supplies or care we need in this time of self-isolation. 

Adhesive note saying thank you to our front line workers during the covid-19 pandemic
Thank you to all of our front line workers, first responders and essential workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.



“In a time of crisis, as a healthcare professional, there is not much to do, you just do. Being a healthcare professional, you put the patient’s interest before you, always. That’s the call. ” -Dr. Tumi

In an effort to slow the Covid-19 virus, our office at Barrie Plastic Surgery is at this time not accepting walk-in clients. For information and future appointments, you can still contact our office by phone and email.

For more information on how to be safe and healthy during the Covid-19 Pandemic, check out this Government of Canada website. Dr. Tumi and the team at Barrie Plastic Surgery wish that you stay healthy and stay safe. 


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