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Thinking About Getting Derma Fillers?

How Invasive are Derma Fillers?

Looking to reduce signs of aging, but don’t want an invasive surgery to see results? Derma fillers are a great option to fill any fine lines and wrinkles on your face while making your skin look more supple. They can also be used to plump up areas of the face, like cheekbones and lips. These fillers are also less expensive than other plastic surgery options and aren’t as long-lasting. In most cases, if you don’t like the way that it looks, it can be altered. Hyaluronic acid fillers, for example, can be dissolved with an enzyme.

Do Derma Fillers Look Natural?

When expertly done, derma fillers give a very young and youthful look. If done professionally, you won’t even be able to tell that anything was done at all! They are used to smooth out deep under-eye circles, lift cheekbones, plump lips, and smooth out any fine lines. These fillers are used to lift parts of the face to smooth out the skin, which results in a more natural look. Some of the benefits to derma fillers are the immediate results that you’ll see, along with a quick recovery. 

Doctor injecting Derma Fillers for instant results.

Doctor injecting Derma Fillers for instant results.

Types of Derma Fillers

There are many different types of fillers that all have different results, that are either natural or synthetic. Each one has its pros and cons. 

  • Human Fat – These types of fillers are harvested from your own body. This is a more extensive surgery than other fillers.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – This is a natural substance that is found in your body, with high concentrations in soft connective tissue. 
  • Collagen – A natural protein that is the main component in cartilage, teeth, and bones.
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite – This is the heaviest filler, and it is naturally found in human bones. 
  • Polylactic Acid – A synthetic material that imitates your body’s collagen. 
  • Semi-Permanent PMMA – This type of filler can be removed, and contains about 20% of tiny PMMA microspheres that are suspended in 80% of purified collagen gel. 

Each filler and procedure has different results, recovery and risks. Always consult your surgeon on what procedure and type of filler are best for you. Contact us for information on booking a consultation. 

For more information about types of Derma Fillers and different brands, click here

Derma Fillers are non-invasive, and are injected with a syringe.
Derma Fillers are non-invasive and are injected with a syringe.

Are Derma Fillers Safe?

Yes! Derma fillers are perfectly safe when done by a professional. Where you go to get derma fillers can make the difference between a botched job and a natural look. If the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is. It’s important to be aware of scams on the black market that offer fillers for a fraction of the price. These cheaper alternatives can lead to improper injection techniques and sterilization, which can bring about many other health complications like infection or embolism leading to blindness.




How Do I Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon?

It’s important to find the right surgeon to perform your procedure who has the right training and certifications. Dr. Tumi has decades of experience with plastic surgery and is a member of numerous medical associations, making him perfectly qualified for this kind of procedure.

Dr. Tumi plastic surgeon for liposuction
Dr. Tumi at Barrie Plastic Surgery has a vast range of experience and can help you reach your goals.

Are Derma Fillers the Right Choice for Me?

If you’re looking to refresh your skin, boost your confidence, and keep a natural look, derma fillers might be a good choice for you. Any type of plastic surgery, should you choose to get it, should just be for you and not for anyone else. In general, something to keep in mind when deciding to get derma fillers is that they only offer temporary results. To maintain your new look, the procedure will need to be repeated in the future.

Woman discussing derma filler options with her doctor
It’s important to discuss your options when choosing what Derma Fillers are right for you

Our team at Barrie Plastic Surgery believes that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own body. Affordability should not be an obstacle, which is why we offer financing to our patients.

Talk to our experienced team to find out more or set up an appointment.



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