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Improve the look of your breasts with nipple inversion surgery or areola reduction from Barrie Plastic Surgery Clinic

What is Nipple Inversion and Areola Reduction?

Nipple inversion surgery, also known as inverted nipple correction, is a procedure aimed at correcting nipples that are retracted or inverted into the breast rather than protruding outward. During the surgery, the surgeon releases the tissues that tether the nipple inward, allowing it to protrude naturally. Nipple inversion surgery can be performed under local anesthesia and typically involves minimal downtime. It is often sought by individuals experiencing functional or aesthetic concerns related to inverted nipples, such as difficulty with breastfeeding or self-consciousness about nipple appearance.

Areola reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to resize and reshape the areola—the pigmented area surrounding the nipple. This surgical intervention aims to address concerns related to areolar size, shape, or symmetry, enhancing the overall appearance of the breasts. Areola reduction surgery can be performed as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other breast surgeries, such as breast augmentation or breast lift, to achieve desired aesthetic outcomes. It is often sought by individuals seeking to address cosmetic concerns or asymmetry of the areolae.

Benefits of a Nipple Inversion/Areola Reduction

  1. Increased self-confidence
  2. Enhanced aesthetic appearance
  3. Short recovery time

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Nipple Inversion/Areola Reduction?

An ideal candidate for nipple inversion correction typically incudes individuals experiencing functional issues such as difficulty with breastfeeding or aesthetic concerns.

Ideal candidates for areola reduction surgery may have areolae that are disproportionately large, asymmetrical, or irregularly shaped compared to the breasts.

Patients should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the procedure.

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