Morpheus8™ Body at Barrie Plastic Surgery

Achieve fat removal and skin tightening with Morpheus8™ Body!

What is Morpheus8™ Body?

It’s the latest and quickly becoming the most coveted non-surgical treatment for fat removal and skin tightening of the body.

This radio frequency micro needling technology is FDA approved for deep tissue remodelling. This quick, easy, and minimally invasive treatment is done right in our office and it can tighten skin, liquify fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite, all while restoring and improving the overall skin texture and tone.

Karyn pretty much skipped back to our office raving about the Morpheus8 technology. She couldn’t get over how versatile and efficacious this treatment is for so many different skin concerns. Since we are a Plastic Surgery Clinic, we have many patients that come to us with scars, skin laxity, acne, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines amongst many others.

It’s so effective it’s become a favoured treatment by many celebrities. Kim Kardashian used Morpheus8 Body to treat her abdominal area. We are beyond the moon to offer this incredibly efficient procedure.

Benefits of a Abdominoplasty

  1. Quick (done right in our office)
  2. Non-invasive
  3. Minimal discomfort
  4. Safe for all skin tones

Why Morpheus8™ Body?

Just like the OG Morpheus8, the M8 Body uses a unique combination of micro needling and radiofrequency (RF) heat energy to treat a multiple skin concerns. Its unique large surface tip consists of 40 thin coated gold coated (OG M8 has 24) that delivers the RF energy to larger areas quick and efficiently. In addition, it is equipped with a “burst mode” technology and what that means is it is able to deliver the radiofrequency energy to multiple depths in a single pulse through its gold plated needles. The ability to be able to target tissue at 3 different levels in millisecond intervals allows for a reduction in treatment time, is more customizable, minimizes damage to the surface later of the skin and increases uniformity. The result: a highly effective treatment for skin-tightening, fat melting, cellulite and skin laxity. The stimulation of collagen and elastin production really improves the appearance of cellulite and textural irregularities over time.

What Areas Can The Morpheus8™ Target?

  1. Abdomen
  2. Upper arms
  3. Bra roll
  4. Thighs
  5. Buttocks
  6. Above the knees
  7. Flanks
  8. Anywhere post-liposuction

Treatment Details

  • Treatment Time: 1 Hour
  • Recommended Intervals: 3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart
  • Recovery Time: Minimal; 2-4 Days

What to Expect & Post Care

  • Your skin will be red and sensitive for the first 24-48 hours and you may experience pinpoint bleeding and light to moderate flaking for 3-4 days.
  • We recommend refraining from hot tubs, saunas, rigorous exercise, and from applying makeup and/or certain skin care products for the first 24-48 hours
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