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What is Scar Management?

Scar management, also known as scar revision, is a procedure meant to minimize a scar. Scar management can help conceal a scar but can’t eliminate a scar completely. Scars are unavoidable results are injury or surgery. Different types of scars include discolouration/surface irregularities, hypertrophic scars, keloids and contractors.

There are many different kinds of scar treatments. The most popular treatments include topical treatments, injectable treatments, and surface treatments. Dr. Tumi will recommend the best option for you. Topical treatments help wounds close and heal to prevent deep scarring. Injectable treatments, such as dermal filler, are used to fill in depressed or concave scars. Surface treatments such as skin bleaching and scar removal surgery, reduce pigmentation and soften surface irregularities. Some scars will require your plastic surgeon to close the incision.

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