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Why Winter Is The Best Time To Get Plastic Surgery

During the cold winter months, getting plastic surgery probably isn’t at the top of your mind. The snowy roads and icy sidewalks make you want to stay at home. So, you might be thinking of waiting until the spring or summer to finalize your operation date. You’ve likely been waiting for this surgery for what feels like a lifetime. So why push it back any further? The spring and summer months have their advantages, but so does the winter! Here are four reasons why winter is the best time to get plastic surgery.

facial plastic surgery - Winter is the best time to get plastic surgery.

Winter Provides Ample Recovery Time 

Operations such as breast surgery and liposuction require the body to rest for a period of time before continuing normal activities. It can often take three to five months before your body is fully healed.

Wouldn’t it be easier to recover during the spring or summer? 

During warmer months, you’ll be more tempted to do outdoor activities. These activities may slow down your recovery process. When it’s bitterly cold outside, you’ll be staying indoors most of the time anyway! Why not recover at the same time? Sit back, relax, and watch a holiday movie while your body recovers. Just make sure to have a friend or neighbour shovel the snow to limit the amount of heavy lifting you do. 

The winter months also coincide with the holidays. Many employers will give more time off during the holiday season. Taking one to two weeks off to recover won’t be as much of a challenge as it would be during the spring or summer. Transforming your body is the best holiday gift you can give to yourself this year. You deserve it!

Winter Allows You to Avoid the Sun

woman lying on the beach

Being indoors while you recover can also help you avoid the sun. Surgeons discourage direct sun exposure until five weeks after plastic surgery. The sun’s UV rays can damage the healing of incisions. The damage could leave you with dark scars even after you’ve healed. The sun could also increase the amount of swelling you experience after the surgery. This can also slow down your healing process. During the winter, the sun is more likely to hide behind the clouds, and you’ll be wearing more layers when you’re outside. This will make it much easier to prevent damage from the sun. However, doctors still recommended wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 30 during the winter.

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You’ll Be Beach Body Ready Just In Time

young woman on a beach chair - Winter is the best time to get plastic surgery.

You’ve passed the required recovery time after your surgery. You’re now ready to show off your new and improved body just in time for summer! You can finally start planning that tropical vacation and shopping for new swimsuits. Your surgery has given you the confidence you needed to show off some skin!



Winter Offers Better Scheduling Times

Many surgeons and patients agree that winter is the best time to get plastic surgery. Many people don’t realize how convenient it is to schedule their plastic surgery operation during winter. As a result, plastic surgeries are more common during the warmer months. That leaves lots of options for you to pick the date and time that are most convenient for you. 


Winter Is The Best Time To Get Plastic Surgery.

You still have time to book your plastic surgery operation this winter! Book your next consultation with Barrie Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic! We are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Dr. Kamal Tumi has been serving Southern Ontario cosmetic surgery patients. His services include breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, and Botox injections.

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