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Skin Cancer Removal

Skin Cancer Removal in Barrie

More than one in four fair-skinned Canadians will get skin cancer in their lifetime. Dr. Tumi offers supportive and thorough skin cancer removal.

Plastic surgeons are involved in removing a large share of skin cancer. Most skin cancers occur on the “sunbelt” of the face which includes the nose, cheeks, temples and ears. Almost all skin cancers are caused by sunburns. During a skin cancer removal procedure, a plastic surgeon may:

Basal Cell Skin Cancer

Basal cell skin cancer is the most common kind of skin cancer. 

  • It is usually a smooth pink area, red flat area, or lumpy area. 
  • It does not go away but gradually gets larger and larger. 
  • The longer you wait to have a skin cancer removed, the bigger it gets, and the more complicated the reconstruction becomes to make the patient look as close to normal as possible.

Basal cell skin cancer generally never leads to death unless you don’t do something about it.

Squamous Cell Skin Cancer 

Squamous cell skin cancer is very much the same as basal cell skin cancer in appearance.

  • The red areas tend to have hard rough spots on them and bleed more easily. 
  • It has a slightly higher risk of metastasizing than basal cell skin cancers. 
  • The risk of metastasis and death is usually less than 5% if the squamous cell skin cancer is in a sun-induced area

Squamous cell skin cancers on the hand, the lip, and the ear do have a higher risk of metastasis than sun-induced squamous cell skin cancers on the rest of the face and body.

However, every patient is different, so Dr. Tumi will assess and inform you of your specific treatment needs!

Malignant melanoma occurs in 1% of fair-skinned Canadians. This kind of cancer can metastasize and therefore can result in death. However, if you catch it early on and have it removed, the survival rate is high. The survival rate of removing malignant melanoma surgically is over 95%. There are three symptoms that make melanoma obvious, as this is not a subtle skin cancer in most instances:

Benefits of Skin Cancer Removal


High Cure Rate


Short Recovery Period


Can Save Lives

Skin Cancer Removal Cost

The cost for skin cancer removal depends on both the size of the cancer and the amount of tissue removed. Contact Dr. Tumi for a consultation.

A $1,500 non-refundable deposit fee is required at your time of booking. The deposit reserves your surgery date and prevents double-booking. All surgical fees include:
  •  all pre-op and post-op care
  • compression wear
  •  scar cream.
The full surgical payment is due two weeks before your surgery. All prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to HST.