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Instant Online Consultation

Our Instant Online Consultation is not meant to replace your in-person consultation. Instead, it will provide you with quick guidance on your procedure options.
Instant Online Consultation
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How To Book A Surgery

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Tumi

Attend the consultation and learn about the risks and benefits of your procedure. In some cases, Dr. Tumi may suggest different options for your surgical plan.

In the same appointment, you will meet with Karyn. She can guide you on financing, offer available dates, and answer any other questions.

Pay your surgical deposit, schedule a date, and complete all relevant paperwork.

Schedule your two-week pre-surgical review with Dr. Tumi.

Attend the pre-surgical review with Dr. Tumi to go over your surgical plan, get measured for your compression wear, take your pre-surgical photos, and pick up anything else you need for the day.

Wait excitedly for the day!