Laser Treatments in Barrie

Laser treatments are capable of so much more than we realize!

Experience the transformative power of aesthetic laser procedures, thoroughly designed to address a various of common skin concerns. From hair removal to pigmentation correction, from refining skin texture to diminishing the appearance of scars and wrinkles, our treatments offer a comprehensive solution for rejuvenating your skin.

At our clinic, Dr. Tumi has meticulously chosen the Sciton Joule™ Laser for its unparalleled effectiveness in treating these concerns. With its cutting-edge technology, Sciton remains at the forefront of aesthetic advancements, offering a diverse range of procedures tailored to each individual’s needs.

Leading the charge is the Sciton HALO™, a revolutionary hybrid fractional laser that delivers remarkable results in just 1 – 2 sessions, with minimal downtime. This innovation surpasses traditional lasers, which typically require 5 – 6 treatments and weeks of recovery time.

Under the expert guidance of our staff, our patients receive treatments that are both safe and effective. With extensive knowledge and practice, rest assured that you’re in capable hands throughout your journey to healthier, more radiant skin.

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Prior to ANY LASER/LIGHT procedure, patients should be on a course of medical grade skincare to pre-treat and optimize skin health. This will allow for a better treatment, faster recovery and will optimize results. Healthy skin responds better to treatment:

  • Arrive one hour prior to your treatment for application of topical numbing cream. Inform your Provider of any cardiac, pulmonary, vascular conditions and allergies prior to treatment.
  • You cannot have any sun exposure for a minimum of 6 weeks prior to your procedure.
  • You must not have any pigment applied to the skin ie-spray tan or products that stimulate pigment production.
  • You must not have any cold sores or fever blisters on the face. Any lesions MUST be completely healed with fresh skin. If you are prone to cold sores, you should take an antiviral medication prior to treatment.
  • Stop all RETINOIDS one week prior to treatment.
  • You must not have had any chemical peels, LASER hair reduction treatments on your face or electrolysis 6 weeks prior to your procedure.
  • If you have been on ANTIBIOTICS please consult with your Provider.
  • Antibiotics make skin more “photo-sensitive” and you should be off them for a period of time prior to your procedure.
  • If you have been on ACCUTANE, you must wait a minimum of 6 months before having any LASER or LIGHT TREATMENTS.
  • You can NOT be PREGNANT or NURSING

Post-Treatment Instructions

  • Redness and swelling are normal and expected and may persist for up to 7 days post treatment
  • Pinpoint bleeding may occur and last up to 72 hours
  • You may use cool compresses to relieve any discomfort
  • You may take acetaminophen for discomfort
  • If you are prone to Herpes Simplex Virus or Fever Blisters you should be prescribed and anti-viral to minimize the risk of developing a cold sore post procedure
  • Cleanse your skin twice daily-am and pm- with the post procedure products suggested by your provider
  • Apply a water based light moisturizer liberally to the skin through-out the day
  • Application of SPF min 30 is a MUST post procedure if you are outside.
  • Reapply EVERY 2 hours. Failure to do so may result in blistering, infection, scaring, hyper/hypopigmentation which may be permanent
  • Sun exposure should be avoided for 3 months post procedure
  • You will experience periorbital (around the eyes) swelling the next day.
  • Hydrate and mobilize to encourage the excess fluids to flush from your system.
  • No exercise for a minimum or 3 days post treatment
  • No hot tubs, jacuzzi, sauna, whirlpool bath for a minimum or 3 days post treatment
  • No alcohol for a minimum 3 days post treatment
  • Your skin will take on a “bronzed” look and feel like “sandpaper”. This is called “MEND’s”-Microscopic Epithelial Necrotic Debris”. This is microscopic wounding and is part of the healing process as your skin purges the damaged tissue. The damaged tissue will be replaced with healthy new tissue. DO NOT pick your skin or aggressively exfoliate the MEND’s. Doing so may lead to infection, scarring and other complications. Allow the skin to flake and peel on it’s own. This process may take 3-7 days
  • You may restart your normal skin care routine 5-7 days after treatment. Your skin may still be sensitive-exfoliating and retinol products may not be tolerated for up to 3 weeks post procedure
  • Avoid getting shampoo and conditioner on your skin
  • After the MEND’s have resolved, your skin will have a rosy pink glow that will gradually resolve
  • Results will be seen up to 6 months post treatment