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Enhance Your Natural Beauty With 3 Simple Steps

Investing in your appearance and feeling good about yourself can seem like a difficult task. However, self-care and looking your best can help improve your mood by promoting a radiant appearance you can appreciate. If you are looking to achieve this great feeling with a few simple steps, The Dr. Tumi team has the beauty plan just for you! 

Plastic surgery isn’t always the first option on someone’s list, though. Cost, recovery time, and health complications can stand between you and your dream procedure. Luckily, you can try affordable, doctor-recommended products that can be introduced into your daily routine! The beauty treatments below can be easily incorporated into daily life while also improving the look of your appearance. With time, these products will help increase confidence and a positive outlook in daily life.


Introduce Skin Care Into Your Beauty Routine

Using Skin Medica To Wash Face
Using Skin Medica To Wash Face

To begin, scheduling time to maintain personal hygiene is a critical part of self-care. When you are getting ready for the day, take an extra 10 minutes to incorporate a skincare routine as well. Washing your face is an important step to ensure you are eliminating any extra dirt and oil from your face. Using serums and moisturizers as well are important to lock in moisture and improve the appearance of skin texture. Barrie Plastic has a variety of brands that can be integrated into any daily routine! 




Girl washing her face with Alyria to enhance Beauty Routine


Skin Medica, one of the many cosmetic companies owned by Allergan PLC. (now AbbVie), offers innovative skin treatments to rejuvenate your skin. With decades of research supporting them, SkinMedica’s products have been scientifically formulated to deliver optimal results. Enhance the look and feel of your skin with a simple routine using SkinMedica products. Learn more here




Next, feel free to check out Alyria. Are you are looking for benefits such as a reduction of deep lines and wrinkles, improved elasticity, and an even texture? Alyria offers all this while fighting dark circles and providing antioxidants, all with broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Check out Alyria’s high quality, advanced skincare products to help you achieve these amazing results. If you are interested in an effective skincare line to add to your routine, learn more here. 


Give Your Lashes A Beauty Treatment 

If you have already invested in a results-driven skincare routine, your next step may be to improve your lashes. An old saying is that eyes are the window to the soul, what better way to enhance your beauty than focusing on your lashes! 



Girl using Latisse for Beauty and long lashes

For example, Latisse is an FDA approved lash serum used to lengthen, thicken, and darken the look of your lashes naturally. Simply apply Latisse on your makeup-free lashes each night using the sterile applicators supplied. Within 8 weeks you will begin to see results, giving your lashes a natural, bold look. Full results will appear after 12 to 16 weeks of daily use.

Although eye-lash extensions have become the latest craze, they can be time consuming and irritating. Latisse allows you to achieve dark and full lashes with easy at-home steps! For your chance to try Latisse out, visit Barrie Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic


Incorporate Healthy Foods into Your Routine

Healthy Eating To Contribute to Beauty

While these steps are an easy investment, we suggest looking to enhance your beauty in a natural way, through a lifestyle. Switching to a healthy diet, drinking water throughout the day, and exercising will help enhance your natural radiance. Looking good starts with feeling good, especially on the inside!

Overall, improving your appearance can boost your confidence. Although beauty comes from the inside, exterior beauty still contributes to feeling beautiful. Investing in steps that can be incorporated into your everyday routine is extremely important.

In short, The Barrie Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is committed to helping you feel and look your best. For your chance to invest in low maintenance, yet effective treatments, contact Barrie Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery today. 

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