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Catching Eyes With Your Eyes Through Plastic Surgery

The Plastic Surgery Industry is continually growing, expected to reach a valuation of $43.9 billion by 2025. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world look to plastic surgery to augment their appearance. The large majority of patients happen to be women, though. In 2018, there were nearly 14 female plastic surgery patients for every one male patient. Some of the most popular procedures are breast augmentations, liposuction, and nose jobs. Finally, in fourth, are eye-based procedures.

Young woman with marker on her face, implying that she is about to get plastic surgery.
Young woman who is about to get plastic surgery with marker on her face.


When it comes to first impressions, though, 70% of men report that they notice a woman’s eyes first. This is followed by a woman’s smile, and then her breasts. This means that if you’re hoping to impress or attract a man, priority should be on your eyes.


Is there a plastic surgery procedure for your eyes?


While there is not a procedure for your eyes themselves, there are procedures for features around your eyes. Blepharoplasty, or plastic surgery pertaining to the area around your eyes, has a variety of procedures. These include;

Eyelid Lifts

  •  a procedure that targets low-hanging eyelids. With age, eyelids can begin to sag or appear fluffy. By removing excess fat or skin, surgeons can make eyes appear younger and smoother.


  • a procedure that commonly targets lower eyelids. With time, the skin under eyes can become stretched and puffy. This is similar to an eyelid lift, but usually targets the removal of fat or swollen muscle. The purpose of this procedure is meant to create a tighter look around the eyes and temples. 

Double Eyelid Surgery

  • a procedure incredibly popular in Asian cultures. This is similar to an eyelid lift, but is done to create a more pronounced eyelid crease.

Woman resting on a bike after riding it. Highlighting her eyelashes and eyelids.

Most eyelift-style procedures are quick procedures done with simple anesthesia and allow patients to go home after the procedure. Fortunately, any surgical scars created are hidden by the natural crease of the eyelid. These virtually undetectable procedures leave clients with a natural look. 


Are there surgeries that don’t go near your eyes?


If you’re nervous about procedures around your eyes, there are other procedures available. Another procedure that augments the appearance of eyes is the brow lift. By lifting the skin on the forehead, the natural brow line is raised. This promotes a brighter, more attentive appearance from the eyes. The benefit of a brow lift is that it can also combat forehead wrinkles. The act of lifting forehead skin smooths out any wrinkles that come with age. 


Over time, surgeons have developed multiple techniques for brow lifts. While many focus on the skin underneath the hair line, a few focus on the skin directly above the eyebrows. The differences mainly dictate the approach the surgeon takes to reorganizing the muscle and subdermal tissues. 


What are the different types of brow lifts?


The main types of brow lifts are;

Coronal Lift

  •  also known as the classic lift, this style of brow lift uses an incision that goes from one temple to the other. Many surgeons prefer this approach due to the visibility it provides. Muscle and other tissues can be positioned with ease. This ‘coronal’  incision, when healed, is completely hidden by the hairline.

Endoscopic Lift

  • many invasive procedures have shifted to using smaller incisions, while using cameras for visibility. An endoscopic lift uses multiple small incisions, rather than the single large, coronal incision. The surgeon then uses a small endoscopic camera to watch as he repositions the muscle and tissue underneath the skin. These small incisions are done closer to the hairline but are still hidden by hair when healed. The small size of these incisions makes the endoscopic lift a popular procedure.

Temporal Lift

  • instead of incisions going from one temple to another, a temporal lift makes two incisions around your temples. This type of lift only targets shape of the eyebrows and the skin around the temples. It is considered one of the smallest types of lifts, allowing for a quick recovery.

Direct Lift

  • While the other lifts are done above the hairline, the direct lift is done directly above the brows. While the direct lift leaves a more visible scar, it is the quickest and easiest lift. It also allows the surgeon more control over the shape and appearance of the lifted brow. 


Are there any cheaper, non-invasive options to augment my eyes?


Many become nervous when considering plastic surgery. It is common to be anxious when thinking about medical procedures, regardless of their purpose. For others, the cost of plastic surgery is just too much to afford at the time. Attractive eyes are not something restricted to the wealthy, though.

Woman is about to attach time consuming fake eyelashes to another woman.


A much easier way to enhance the look of your eyes is by enhancing your eyelashes. Store bought fake eyelashes are time consuming, and professionally applied eyelashes can be hundreds of dollars every month. The pharmaceutical company, Allergan, offers an alternative that promotes natural lash growth, though. Their product, Latisse, is known to thicken and lengthen eyelashes when used as directed. Continued use of the product maintains these effects.


How does Latisse work?


Bimatoprost, known under the brand name Latisse, is a prostaglandin analogue. The main process is to increase the flow of fluid in the eyes. Originally, bimatoprost was meant to treat glaucoma, or high pressure within the eyes. At the time, it was sold under the name Lumigan. With time, patients noted that their eyelashes were enhanced while using the solution.  

Long, full eyelashes on a sleeping child in a grayscale photo.


Latisse is used by dabbing the solution along the eyelash line. It is important to not oversaturate your lashes with the solution, as this can lead to some side effects. During use, this can lead to darkening of the skin around the eyes, and dry, itchy, or red eyes. Constantly allowing it to drip off the lashes can promote hair growth around the eyes. A very rare side effect to consider is that Latisse can darken the pigments in the iris. 


Should I get plastic surgery?


The most important thing about any of these procedures is meeting with a doctor to assess if they are right for you. Even Latisse requires a doctoral referral to purchase. If you’re considering augmenting the appearance of your eyes in any way, Barrie Plastic Surgery can help. Dr. Kamal Tumi began practicing medicine in 1987, and has been specializing in plastic surgery in 1989. He received his specialist certificate in plastic surgery in 2001, and joined Royal Victoria Hospital as a consultant in 2004.

 dr.tumi. Do men get plastic surgery?

You can contact us at [email protected], or at 705-737-9235, or visit us just outside of Downtown Barrie. We are proud to offer multiple financing options to our clients to make your ideal self even more attainable. You can follow us on our Instagram to keep updated on what we’re up to. We look forward to helping you in any way we can!

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